Pamela Huntington – Small Stories


Art for me is a form of magic!  Perhaps it was it the visions of the Brother’s Grimm and all their magical stories or James M Barre with his wonderful Peter Pan?

Coloring books, paints, paper mache and all the fun of childhood have followed me in to my life as an artist.  Even today I cannot resist a new

material or technique to see if it can work into my vision of a piece I am


As a child I loved to collect bits and pieces, snips and snails, tucking them into cigar boxes and old tins. Lengths of silk, lace, old photos and albums all fill my studio!  I began my collection as a child, though their uses to me were not very clear then.  It was only later, when I began to

look  at art as not just drawing or painting, but something I could create in three dimensions, that I began to use these collected trinkets and treasures.

I love seeing where a piece of art will lead me.

Each piece for me is a story to be told and I rarely start out with a “creative” plan it just takes place as the elements come together. 


I have become passionate about the digital process and have been using Photoshop for much of my art.  It has limitless possibilities and I love being able to use my collections of old books, cabinet cards and ephemera.  Each piece I create is to relate a “Small  Story”


Teaching has also been a wonderful way to share art with other artists.  Over the past 15 years, I have taught all over the country at Art Retreats: Artfest, Art &Soul, Artful Gathering, Art Unraveled, to name a few as well as private small classes. 

You can also find my published work in Somerset Studio, Somerset Digital, Somerset Gallery and The PhotoArtistic Life.