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He who breaks the glasses pays for them-
Wisdom is it's own Reward_
Directions of the Soul

Ideas are nothing, Execution is the Name of the Game

Cavalry Concert
From Sea to Shining Sea
The Sewing Bird and Her Silver Thimble
Quick Make a Wish, Take a chance, Remake
I will light up the night for you
Please Paint Me Next
Paint By Number Parrot

One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Sing

I am free to Paint Flowers - Renoir
I Need Some ME Time
Lavender Girls
Where are those little Women - dark colo
guest room
Out of the Storm

_Who Are We, Where are we Going, What Are Doing

She Stood in Snowdrops
Ariel and Azrael
Girl with the Pearl Vase
Foxglove for Kimberly-sharpen-sharpen
Science in the Home
Cloud Watching
Dutch Still Life
Fluttering 1
Fluttering 2
Fluttering 3
What Henhouse
Each Heart Contains A Little Magic
"Clothes Line"
The Curious Carousel

Easter is the Soul's First Taste of Spring

Lamb series
_Midnight Lamb_
Birds and Lamb 8 x 10-lamb series copy
Ivy Collected Feathers
Mildred and Her Roses
Stardust Owl
_Owls Fly Silently_
Wise Old Owl
Dear Owl, where is your home?
The Breeze At Dawn has Secrets to tell you
Lambs on Parade
We are Tied to the Ocean
Rose Text
I pull a Moon from my Coin Purse EAch Day Hafiz
Bird Legs
A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees
at night I let my pet the moon Run freely into the sky meadow
Onto the Meadow and Shores and Hills.. Hafiz
"Bird House'
The Moon Rabbit Dreams
I Could Show You Incredible Things
We Were Lost From The Start
Two Drifter's Off to See The World
We Have the Grandest Garden Ever See
I Can Still Recall Last Summer
My Giraffe Ate all My Cookies and Drank
How Does Your Garden Grow
How Does Your Garden Grow in room
He who breaks the glasses pays for them
Directions of the Soul
Spring Planting
Wanted - A Matchmaker
Wings are Like Dreams
Millie Traced Her Ancestry
MyRoomWithNo View
Many Metals Later copyAfter so many awards he was beginning to feel disconnected...
Alphabet-three small- facebook
African Journal
Chanterelle Grove
Brave Little Rabbit
The Tide That Takes Us Home
Eat Cake
Flower Study No 1.
Flower Study No. 2
Winter Swan
_Boxing Day
The Naturalist
Bee Traveler
The Inventor
Mother May I
Smile When it is Raining
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea
An Innocent Man
There's A Circus in There
A Man's Manners
Nature~She Will Do No Harm
Seth god of darkenss, chaos, confusion
Award Winner
You are the Cloud, I am the Tree
As above, so below as the universe, so t
Maxine Made A Spectacle of Herself
Rosemary Made a Spectacle of Herself
Walter Made a Spectacle of Himself
Hey You Get off of my Cloud -FB
Shadows on Stage
Tales of the Peculiar
Feather on Paper for book copy copy
Big Wish
Out on the Town
Smile for the Camera
Birthday Cupcake
Birthday Elephant